Battery Life

Medical/dental school is like charging your phone…for four years.

Don’t get me wrong–Input and Learner are both in my StrengthsFinder Top 5, so acquiring knowledges about topics as disparate as malaria protists and temperomandibular joint disorders and accountable care organizations…all of that is really fun for me. But. After thinking long and hard about what to say about my week at Community Group on Friday, all I could come up with was “Well, I guess I just studied a lot…”

And that kind of sucks! I tell people I”m not any more busy than I was in college, except that most of the time I was spending on research, InterVarsity/ministry, blogging, volunteering, or just hanging out with people…I’m spending studying instead.

Nevertheless, this weekend, and everything else that’s happened to me outside of school these past few months, has made me incredibly grateful for all this phone can do even if it is still just charging. Pure fun like swimming and all-you-can-eat sushi and meaningful conversations; pure work like learning to use Stata (this is actually pretty miserable! math + me != happy times, != being Stata code for not equal to!) for my summer research project and semi-work-fun like working on our budding entrepreneurship interest group and a medical Haitian Creole course…

But. When I talk to my 3rd/4th year and resident/attending friends, I can’t help but still feel a little stuck to the wall. There are patients out there who I could be helping, but I’m still charging. Still sitting in this little corner, unable to go too far from the outlet and fully aware that this needs to be my first priority, and aware that we have it so so so much easier than other schools in terms of difficulty/density of our curriculum.

However, look at this beauty–


–does she belong near a wall, or out in the world looking up how to get to Faneuil Marketplace and holding my gift cards for me once I get there so I can get free clothes? (and yes, I have finally transitioned to the 21st century and retired my flip-phone…)

Anyway, all this to say…here’s to making the most of my freedom and lack of responsibility now, here’s to squeezing as much as I can into my limited time, and here’s to all that I’ll get to do once my power indicator hits 100!


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