For my friends who were #WithHer, especially if you are Christian

Victors get to write history, but losers alone have the opportunity to forgive.

Many of us feel like today marked a huge defeat for human decency; for women, for minorities, for peace, for reason. Denial to shock to denial to fury to despair to fear to disbelief to numbness…if I let my mouse hover back to NPR I know I will feel all these things again.

But tomorrow we all wake up as Americans together. And this is an incredibly opportunity to model what reconciliation and unity look like for a splintered nation, to keep the next four years form being obstructionist and to actually pursue the things which make America great.

This path winds through so many temptations and potential pitfalls– the temptation to bitterness against those who didn’t show up to vote, or voted for third party candidates, or white people, or white evangelicals, or those who didn’t canvass or didn’t call or polled wrong or didn’t consider anything except abortion. The temptation to unfriend and unfollow and blame is unreal.

This path is wide, and it leads to destruction.

Instead, a narrow path leads to opportunity.

First, to love our neighbors. I can think of two who will really need love.

First, those most likely to suffer the greatest losses from a Trump presidency are those with less money, less education, and less power. In four years, the rich and educated will probably still be rich and educated, but from those who had little, even what they had will likely be taken away. Whenever income inequality gets worse, those at the bottom always get hit the hardest–and income inequality is definitely coming.

Christians who voted Democrat in this election, it is your job more than anyone else to step into this gap. Even if the people who suffer got themselves into that situation–it’s what Jesus did for us. When we had shot ourselves in the foot and sat crying about it, he took the bullet for us instead.

And there’s another group of neighbors who really need love right now. Liberal Americans have long been considered an unchurched, unreached, and even unreachable group in our nation. In one night, they have been brought to their knees. I haven’t seen so much devastation on my Facebook ever, because 9/11 was before Facebook was even around. When has there been so much prayer, and so much desperation out of a group of people who have often written off God?

I count myself in this group, and I too have felt hopeless at times tonight. But in Jesus I receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, a sure and steadfast anchor for my soul which holds even when everything I hoped for gives way.

So write a letter of support to HRC. Give a hug to everyone who called and canvassed and donated. Give a reason for the hope that is in you–have that hope, because Jesus is on the throne.



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