about the name
saving faith describes a belief in Jesus by which God rescues Christians from evil and eternal suffering and liberates us to love him and other people as he intended

saving face is a central tenet of Chinese culture which seeks to preserve the honor of one’s family and one’s community

/seɪ.vɪŋ.feɪs/ is how both are pronounced:
<saving face> in standard American English,
<saving faith> in English accented with Chinese

God is doing amazing things among Chinese people. As we reconcile our culture and his teachings, we realize it is only the grace of God received by saving faith that truly saves face.

about the writer
I’m Lily. I’m Chinese and a Christian, and I find God not only in language and culture, but also in medicine, of which dentistry is my chosen specialty. I’m currently happily situated in Boston, Massachusetts with my husband Bill. We attend Citylife Presbyterian Church.

about the layout
The Confit Theme for WordPress
background: hands in prayer peak in China’s Yellow Mountains (黄山)
filters/image editing done with pixlr.com


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