The most terrifying part of Gone Girl is your (plural) self.


Even as someone who tends to skip to the last page, I have to precede with a big fat spoiler warning and tell you that you will ruin a huge element of the movie for yourself if you read this without watching it.

That said.

Last night I saw Gone Girl with my fierce, flawless, fast-talking girlfriends.

2/6 of us had read the book before, and knew what was coming the entire time. 6/6 of us left the movie shaken.

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About 10% of my Reality is Experienced Through Books

Okay, maybe that number is a little high. But having just learned how to quantify seemingly unquantifiable things (true questions from Clinical Epidemiology: on a scale of 0-1, how much do you hate being late? [0.4] how much do you hate getting your clothes wet? [0.7 if I’m soaked!]) and if we adjust for the intensity of emotion I feel when I read books, I think 10% is not ridiculous. Continue reading