Systemic Exclusion

I’ve mentioned in the past that my pastors quote a lot of books, so any single book which gets more than one mention automatically goes on my “To Read” list. One of the most frequently mentioned books is Miroslav Volf’s Exclusion and Embrace, whose ridiculously pretentious-sounding subheading is “A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness, and Reconciliation.” Continue reading


The most terrifying part of Gone Girl is your (plural) self.


Even as someone who tends to skip to the last page, I have to precede with a big fat spoiler warning and tell you that you will ruin a huge element of the movie for yourself if you read this without watching it.

That said.

Last night I saw Gone Girl with my fierce, flawless, fast-talking girlfriends.

2/6 of us had read the book before, and knew what was coming the entire time. 6/6 of us left the movie shaken.

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About 10% of my Reality is Experienced Through Books

Okay, maybe that number is a little high. But having just learned how to quantify seemingly unquantifiable things (true questions from Clinical Epidemiology: on a scale of 0-1, how much do you hate being late? [0.4] how much do you hate getting your clothes wet? [0.7 if I’m soaked!]) and if we adjust for the intensity of emotion I feel when I read books, I think 10% is not ridiculous. Continue reading