Sirens “Sequels” & Some Thoughts on Writing

During a dinner conversation last week re: creative writing classes in college, I made the comment that “they don’t really teach you much,” at least not in terms of how to write well. I’m kind of of the opinion that being able to write really well is unfortunately mostly innate and intrinsic and very difficult to teach. And even for people who do feel comfortable with the written word, creative writing classes can basically be summed up in “Show, don’t tell.” and “Use more verbs/nouns and fewer modifiers.” Continue reading


Part II – Sirens

The other, less lovely lights:
blue, pulsing lightning that shines
with Longwood’s resident thunder: sirens. Continue reading


Much Belated: Poem from Anatomy Donor Memorial

I’m not sure why it took me so long to put this up, but here’s the poem I wrote for our Anatomical Donor Memorial in January.

Two disclaimers: (1) If you’re squeamish you *might* not want to read it. I think it’s okay but I’ve been pretty desensitized at this point, so use your best judgment. (2) Lots of anatomy-related jargon, sorry. =P

Continue reading