Weekly Quotation Roundup

It’s Sunday night, it’s the end of Holy Week, I’m sick of studying. All great reasons to start something which I hope will keep me on my blog even when I don’t have time to develop the list of actual entries I want to write– a weekly roundup of thought-provoking, funny, or interesting snippets from my “real life” and my just as real online life. Here goes!


Christianity is not just an optimistic pile of stories, but a power that emerges. (Pastor Um, Citylife Easter sermon)

Two, on the death of Christ, from a random sermon I found online which also quotes Tim Keller: Continue reading


All Sons & Daughters – Buried in the Grave

It’s Holy Week, and I’m going to my first ever Good Friday service on Friday–I really like the idea of letting the church’s liturgical calender be a visceral rhythm the way I expect the four seasons.

This song came on my Pandora this morning–so perfect for this week!