On Finishing “Medical School”

Today was my last day of “med school,” in the unique Harvard sense that I’m done taking medical classes and now move toward 2 years of clinical dentistry! There’s not much room for the luxury of resolution or reflection, but here’s my best attempt. Continue reading


Skipping Lecture, Skipping Church

I stopped going to class during the first week of class.

I was surprised at the extent to which this fazed some of my friends and classmates. I’m still kind of surprised, in retrospect, because now over 75% of my class no longer goes to lecture on any sort of regular basis, and the professors have a hard time even enforcing “required” sessions because everyone has realized how much more time-efficient it is to study on your own, especially if using active recall software like Anki or Firecracker.

I gravitated toward other hardcore skippers, and we worked well in parallel and became fast friends. It got to the point where I found myself annoyed whenever I had to go to a lecture or listen to it at “1x,” without the 1.5x, 2x, or 2.5x speed-up option we had for video-captured lectures. Why am I wasting my time, I’d think. This is unbelievably inefficient.

It was only a matter of time before the distaste for lecture-style learning extended to church as well.

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Sirens “Sequels” & Some Thoughts on Writing

During a dinner conversation last week re: creative writing classes in college, I made the comment that “they don’t really teach you much,” at least not in terms of how to write well. I’m kind of of the opinion that being able to write really well is unfortunately mostly innate and intrinsic and very difficult to teach. And even for people who do feel comfortable with the written word, creative writing classes can basically be summed up in “Show, don’t tell.” and “Use more verbs/nouns and fewer modifiers.” Continue reading